Go from “I hope no one’s reading this” to “EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS”


You’re an utter badass.

(Which is totally why you clicked on this page…you wanted to make sure it wasn’t a secret lair for badasses you were missing out on).


But even badasses have weaknesses.

Yours? You’re embarrassed about your writing.

You think every word you write is a steaming pile of fresh shit that reeks worse than a petting zoo in mid-July so you usually just bang out a blog post quickly, too ashamed to ask anyone to look it over or proofread it for you.

Your M.O.? Hit publish, cringe, and hope to hell no one really reads your blog posts. (Except your mom…’cuz moms, right?)

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The real kick-you-in-the-crotch thing is: You actually don’t *hate* writing.

But you’re not always sure you’re being clear or that anyone (besides you) gets what you’re saying. Sometimes you wonder if you’re talking in your own secret language. (Perhaps Badassian?)

Everything you write just feels…off. Like it’s not aligned with what you’re actually trying to say, leaving you with this heavy, gross feeling in your gut that people *might* be reading your blog post with 26 different incredibly confusing ideas in it.

Sure, sure, you’ve stalked other people’s blogs, listened to a few copywriting podcasts, tore through Pinterest on a mission to find the best pins on writing better blog posts…but every time you sit down to actually write, you feel stuck. Like every word you write is cheesy. Not you. And that you’ll never be able to take all these “just do this” tips and “how-to” advice and actually write words that make sense with them.

You feel like…

  • If they made a sequel to Clueless, it’d be about you and it’d be titled “Clueless about Copywriting.”

  • It’s beyond embarrassing how much time it takes you to write ONE blog post.

  • Your blog posts sound like every other creative entrepreneur out there. Oh, here’s another post about “The 10 Tools I Use to Run My Business Everyday.” You’re not standing out, and you’re not being true to you.

  • That done-for-you content is worth considering. WHAT?! At least you’ll stop editing and editing, analyzing every single letter, and playing with the punctuation instead of focusing on the message.

  • Blogging is dead. Whoever said that is your hero because now you’re totally off the hook. YASSS.


You don’t have to be contained. Or wear the cone of blog shame.

You can totally whip your blogs into a fantastical, dream-come-true, smooth-as-silk dollop of the best dark chocolate mousse around (you know, tasty, delectable, drool-worthy) so that you capture your audience’s heart by writing in a way that they totally understand, that connects with them on a way deep level, and that gets you all the fan girl emails (i.e., “Umm, that’s exactly what I was thinking!” or “YOU COMPLETE ME!” or “I have to work with you. End of story.”)

Best of all? It’s totally doable…without feeling cheesy or salesy, staring in horror at the clock because you’ve been working on this paragraph for two hours already, hiring a full-time copywriter, or completely outsourcing every word you ever plan to write as long as you and your business both shall live.

Introducing Badass Blogging for Business Owners! Huzzah! 🙌🏻

(Also…can I get a standing O for that alliteration? *takes a bow*) 

Weekly copy coaching and editing that will give you the super direct and helpful feedback you need to finally get serious about blogging and sharing your content consistently (maybe even guest posting – who ARE you???), loved so hard by your dreamboat clients, and found by people that love you and your message even if you feel totally helpless right now, just need a jumping off point and some support, and are completely unsure how to communicate your ideas the way you want to.

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Now…how do we do that? This is the magic:

quick and not so dirty strategy call

A quick-and-not-so-dirty (unless you’re offended by some cussing) strategy call so we’re both clear on who you are, what your message is, and how you want to communicate it

an editing expert in your back pocket

An expert in your back pocket (*ahem* ME) that will review your blog post each and every week and give you some fresh perspective so your copy is 1000% you and unlike anyone else’s (which is code for I’m gonna call you on your bullshit and all that coach speak and jargon-y jargon)

make your copy full of personality

Super specific suggestions so you know exactly what to do to make your post clearer and more compelling and more full of YOUR personality

clean and professional copy

A legit copy editing of your post so you have snazzy and clean copy that makes you look professional AND playful and you never have to worry about grammar, self-editing, iffy words, and second guessing again

monthly check in call

A monthly check-in call so you can ask all your copy questions and get even more targeted and real-time feedback

learn copywriting skills

Some tricks o’ the writing trade along the way so you can apply your newfound skills to all your copy because…have I mentioned writing is a skill every business owner needs??


$800 for a month of copy coaching and editing

(that would be 4 blog posts, if you’re a details stickler)

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Ready to make your posts shine like a bedazzled tub of Vaseline? (It’s a thing.)

  • Click on that little button down there to schedule a no-strings attached mini review to see if Badass Blogging for Business Owners is right for you.

  • Within 24 hours, you’ll get a confirmation email from me bursting with excitement about the prospect of talking with you. (Yes, you. 😘)

  • We’ll hop on the phone and peek at your copy – swearing and awkward jokes practically guaranteed!

  • If everything’s simpatico, I’ll send you a little (okay, BIG) love note with more info and next steps.

  • You send me your first blog post, and we LIGHT IT UP, YO. 🔥

Got a question? 🙋🏻‍♀️

+ What if I hate it? Do you offer refunds?

I mean, I’m doubtful you’ll hate it because I’m totally invested in helping you create some badass blog posts. Remember, my suggestions aren’t law. Like, you won’t get struck by lightning if you don’t rephrase that one sentence. This is kind of a done-with-you, co-creation kinda thing. So, you know, you’ve got a hand in your experience, yeah? But if there’s something you’re not exactly ecstatic about, we can talk it out. I’m not too cool to offer you a refund if you really truly are dissatisfied.

+ How long does the process take? I already dedicate SO. MUCH. TIME. to blogging.

That kinda depends on you. Lucky for you, this process is actually designed to save you time. Here’s exactly how it happens: You write something in the same way you would have written it before. Then, you give it to me. I edit it, make suggestions, do some copy edits (usually within 48 hours). You review said suggestions and edits, take what you want, leave what you don’t, and hit publish. So much better than spending a week agonizing over a word, yes? So, to answer your question, it probably takes a couple days because you’re writing and editing but with a shit ton more focus and direction.

+ How much support will I get?

Most clients do quite well with the intro call, the weekly reviews, and a monthly check-in. Because…you own your copy. I can make all the suggestions in the world and feel very strongly about them, but you have the final say. However (in my head I said that with a very authoritative southern accent), if you feel like you need more touch points, we can chat about what that would look like.

+ Is this for beginners or for people further along?

Come one, come all to the copy circus! Okay, but for real. As long as you’ve got yourself a business and a dream and a serious craving to get better at writing your own copy, THIS IS FOR YOU.

That’s all. No disclaimers or caveats. No listing of prerequisites. Bring your curiosity and your grit, and let’s do this thang.

+ I like to write…?

Is that a question…or?

If you like to write, you’re in the right place. And, if you’re thinking, “I like to write, but I wish I were better at it,” you are DEFINITELY in the right place.

Like I said somewhere above, writing is a skill set. And you’re only gonna cultivate that skill set if you practice. And if you actually like to write? Sah-weet! That just means you’ll enjoy the process and learn a thing or two.

+ I have another question that’s not listed here.

I got you! Shoot your Q over to tracie@okayokapi.com and I’ll get an A back to you ASAP.




This shit *works.* Don’t just take my word for it though. 👇🏻