5 confidence-boosting and inspiration-borrowing techniques you can totally use (and *actually* make you productive next time you’re procrastinating on social)

Do you ever get stuck in the comparison trap when you're browsing the interwebs or social media? Same. But there are some confidence-boosting and inspiration-borrowing techniques you can use to actually be productive next time you're feeling less than or unmotivated. This post will show you how to use other coaches as motivation to improve your business.

Let’s tell it like it is: There are TONS of other coaches out there.

It seems like every day the health and wellness market is getting more and more saturated.

Kinda like the sad sponge in my kitchen sink. I’m afraid it can’t handle much more abuse.

It’s easy to look at the industry – or your sponge, I guess – and think you have nothing new to offer. That it’s all been said before. That you can’t add to the conversation. That your message will get lost.

And lemme just tell you, I totally believed this for the longest time.

But, to paraphrase Robbie Hart in the Wedding Singer, “It all was bullshit. It was a goddamn joke. And when I think of you, coaches, I hope you know you rock.”

That last line could use a little finessing…

Now that you’re going to be singing songs from that amazing movie all day, let’s take a look at why this really IS bullshit and what you can do about it.

I used to spend soooooo much time looking at other health coaches’ websites and blogs and social media and programs and recipes and selfies and yoga poses on the beach with those fantastic Outdoor Voices leggings. 

And it made me feel pretty damn inferior.

I mean, I totally DIYed my website. I rebelled against the six-month health coaching program model and created my own package. I SUCKED at making recipes and, come to think of it, photographing them. Or at least making them look presentable. (Drips, in my case, were not droolworthy. They were cringeworthy accidents.) I am allergic to the camera, and I’m pretty sure I have YET to nail a single yoga pose beside shavasana. 

How the hell could I compete?

Maybe you’re thinking the same thing. 

Maybe you’re wasting countless hours poring over your favorite wellness influencer’s Instagram account.

Maybe you want to be just like that trainer with the six-pack abs and the perky ponytail. I’ll take that…and your six-figure business and your branding and your spot-on message, thanks.

Friend, it is ridiculously easy to compare yourself, to feel less than, and to feel jealous. (I’m pretty sure that’s the whole point of social media, anyway…)

But it doesn’t have to be hard to pull yourself out of this comparison trap.  

Here’s five things I did to stop comparing myself to every other coach out there and how I used them as inspiration instead. 

Look with a purpose.

I know it’s probably pretty unlikely that you’re never going to come across a competitor’s (or a friend’s) content somewhere on the interwebs. Whether you’re stalking her site or her Facebook or even just innocently scrolling through Instagram and come across one of her ads…it’s bound to happen.

But what if, instead of just ogling the goods, you dissected the goods?

What if you looked with a purpose?

Say you’re looking to run an Instagram ad, but you’re not sure what makes a GOOD Instagram ad.

So you start scrolling through Instagram with a purpose. You’re looking for a good example of an eye-catching ad with crazy cool copy. 

When you find one you like, ask yourself why it caught your eye. Why you clicked on it. Why you left a comment. Why you followed that person or brand.

Then, use that as inspiration to create your own ad.

Set the timer.

If you tend to go down the rabbit hole and become friends with the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat a million times quicker than Alice did, give yourself a time limit.

Armed with your purpose for even looking in the first place, set a timer for a half hour.

Look all you want during those 30 minutes. But, when time’s up, that’s it.

No “just five more minute” pleas. No kicking and screaming and crying. No freakin’ temper tantrums. We’re all adults here. (I hope ‘cuz there’s some profanity in this one.)

If you REALLY have a problem (which I say with so much love and as someone who basically founded the I-have-a-problem support group), aim for no more than one session a week.

Yep, totally hard when it’s been helping you distract and procrastinate but totally worth it when you gain more time and more confidence in yourself.

Get off the email lists.

I know some people like to subscribe to their competitors' newsletters. Easier to keep tabs and get inspiration that way, right? 

This takes it to a whole other level, in my humble opinion.

When they’re coming right to your inbox, it’s like they’re pulling up a chair in your office and sitting next to you all day telling you how much better they are than you.

Why do we do this to ourselves???

No one needs an extra mean girl in their life. We’ve all got ourselves, after all.

So let’s say you signed up for that other local yoga teacher’s email list so you could see her welcome sequence. Okay, great.

You had a purpose (this is working out even better than I planned! it’s so logical!), and you achieved that purpose. So unsubscribe.

Feel free to file that email series away as inspiration in your swipe file, but unless you’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’ and like curling up underneath your bed sucking your thumb and crying for days, I’m gonna suggest you quietly go along your merry way.

(P.S. Yes, yes, community over competition. All for it. But when trying to be a part of the community you’re feeling more like an outsider, it’s time to set up your own camp. There are plenty of other ways to support peeps and get a sense of community without being on their email list or following them across the interwebs day in and day out.)

Ask yourself why you feel inferior.

Okay, this is a tough one. Especially if you’re not so into the mindset work.

When you come across a wonderful website, an amazing ad, a super social media post and you notice you start to feel a little small, ask yourself why.

Why do you feel inferior? What about this piece of content (or this person) is making you feel not good enough?

You don’t have to journal if you’re not into that. You don’t have to meditate on it if you’re not into that. You don’t have to go for a mind-clearing run if you’re not into that either.

Just stop and ask yourself why this *thing* has this effect on you.

And then…

Figure out how to up your stuff.

If you were honest with yourself and really truly tried to understand the reasons behind your feelings, you might have a good idea what you can do to feel better.

I’m not talking eat a pint of non-dairy ice cream (although a certain peanut butter cookie kind is scrummy…) and binge watch Netflix.

I’m talking real, practical things you can do that will grow your business.

Like blog more consistently. Write more engaging Instagram captions. Engage more on social media. Do Facebook lives. Be more vulnerable. Create cohesive branding. Up your photography skills. Listen to your clients more. Structure your programs differently. Offer to help. 

Because that coach you’re looking up to? She might be blogging every single week without fail. Creating tons of engagement by asking questions. Leaving comments on other people’s posts without expecting anything in return. Creating a weekly video series that her audience loves. Relating more to her audience. Looking professional AF with professional AF branding. Taking amazing and perfectly lit photos with her iPhone. Hearing what her clients are saying and using that to make her offerings better. Creating programs customized to her clients and their needs. Being of service and getting some good-ass karma. 

When you’re looking at another coach’s website and starting to feel icky, it might just be because you recognize something you could be doing better.

So, instead of getting all rage-y, make a list of what you can do better. 

And start crossing shit off. 

Here’s the part where I make, errrr, ask you to do something. It’s for your own good. Think of the last thing that made you stop your insatiable scrolling and stare in wonder. Ask yourself WHY. And then ask yourself how you can take that and apply it to your own business. 

If you’re feeling stuck, one of the best places to start is by writing copy that sounds like you. Even though there’s a lot of similar messages out there, no one can say it like you. No one has your background and your story and your voice. Learn to harness the power of sounding like you by signing up for 10 Days to Better Than Okay Copy, the free email course that’ll have other coaches green with envy over YOUR totally you copy.