5 questions to ask if you're struggling to name your Facebook group

Naming stuff is hard. We put so much pressure on ourselves to come up with the perfect name for everything – our business, our Facebook group, our kids… If you’re wondering what to name your Facebook group and struggling to land on a name you love, check out this post for five questions you can ask yourself for clarity on naming your new group. #socialmedia #copywriting

Facebook – love it or hate it, the Book can be an endless source of inspiration, clients, and the most hilarious memes. 

Especially if you have your own group. (Although hopefully none of your members are making hilarious memes of you after you last Live…)

But knowing what to name your group – hell, knowing what to NAME anything – can be a total pain in the ass. 

Keep on reading for some of the best questions you can ask yourself when naming your group. And, no, “Is it clever?” isn’t one of them.

You’ve decided it’s time to open up your own Facebook group. You’re tired of not being able to promote your services in other groups, and you feel kinda spammy trying to quietly exert your authority without straight-up saying, “Yo, this is MY JAM. I can totally help you with this.”

But it’s been months since you made that decision, and you haven’t made any progress.


Because you’ve been stuck on the name forever. You have tons of ideas floating around in your head, but you can’t seem to land on the perfect one. The one that will attract your clients like a bunch of health-obsessed yogis to the newest juice bar in town.

You’re putting off launching because you can’t find the perfect name. 

And you know it’s kind of silly to halt all forward momentum because of that. But you really want the name of your group to be a total “HELL YEAH!” the moment it pops into your head. 

You just can’t seem to have that lightbulb moment.

First of all, my friend, you can ALWAYS change the name of the group. It’s not set in stone, so if you change your mind – it’s no big deal!

Now, here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you brainstorm and come up with a name for your Facebook group you absolutely love!

What are the results your clients are after?

Think about why your clients want to work with you. Do they want to lose weight? Learn to cook? Know how to make a meal plan that their whole family will happily follow? Run their next 5K faster than Shalane Flanagan? Finally be able to sit still for just five minutes of meditation?

Let’s say you’re a health coach working with stressed out office workers (this was kinda sorta my thing, so, yeah, there's that).

Your client might be looking to feel healthier even though she’s strapped for time. She probably wants to save some time because she’s only got so much (no, we don’t all have the same hours in a day as Beyoncé) and a large chunk of it is spent chained to her desk. Or she might be interested in losing some weight because she spends so much time sitting at her desk.

Some benefits you could pull out here: feel healthier and lose weight in less time. Cool, cool.

Make sure you spend some time figuring out what your client’s goals are and focus on those benefits.

What do they hope to get from joining this group?

Everyone’s got different reasons for joining Facebook groups. 

Some people like the camaraderie. Some people need the support and accountability. Some people just like to lurk in the background and soak up alllllll the knowledge (oh, hiii).

Going back to our health coach for stressed out officer workers example… A lot of them are probably looking for ideas. Like, what the hell do I pack for lunch that doesn’t take a lot of time and that doesn’t leave me feeling groggy at 2 p.m.?

Others might be interested in some support and accountability. Like, DAMMIT, it was Carl from IT’s birthday today and I had a piece of cake and I’m thinking about going back for another slice because someone so kindly put the leftovers in the break room and someone please stop meeeee.

If you know why your client is considering getting cozy in your group, you could zero in on that in your group’s name.

What can you help them do?

A lot of the time, we confuse what our clients are looking for and what we really help them with. 

Like, most people probably aren’t walking around going, “Gawd, I really need a health coach to help me make healthier choices at work.”

That’s what you help them do.

But instead, they’re probably thinking, “Jeez, I could totally use some ideas for easy lunches that I can take to work that don’t have me meal prepping all day Sunday.” 

Or, “Look, the last thing I wanna do when I come home from work is cook. I just need some easy dinners I can make when I’m exhausted. And when I forgot to go to the grocery store. Again.”

Maybe even, “I totally lost my shit again today. How the hell can I stay calm at work? And please don’t tell me to breathe or get some crystals or meditate. Please.”

This is what they want.

And this is a really important distinction, my friend. If you understand what they’re asking for and how what you do helps them get there, you can bridge the gap between the two. You can convey how what you do helps them achieve the results they’re after. 

Just make sure it’s not super jargon-y and it’s clear. 

How will they feel after they join the group or after working with you?

Don’t underestimate the power of emotion!

(I think we do a lot of the time when it comes to copy…)

If the name of your group can make your client feel some sorta way, they’re that much more likely to hop on in there. 

So start thinking about how your client will feel after they’ve happily been a member of your group for a while or after you’ve worked with them. 

Our stressed out office worker might feel more in control when she has a list of on-the-go lunches she can rely on. She might feel less overwhelmed knowing that being healthy doesn’t have to take A TON of time. Or she could feel heard and supported because maybe the group is where she really feels like people get her.

Being able to connect to your client’s emotions makes your group way more appealing to your client.

Is this something your clients would search for?

Your name can be as clever as a yin yoga class is long, but if your clients aren’t searching for the words you’re using…well, your group might just be empty for a while.

You really need to understand your client and what’s top of mind for her. 

She’s probably not searching for groups about “making healthy choices at work” or anything with the term “health coach” in it. Because she doesn’t KNOW that’s what she wants or needs.

If you can get in your client’s brain a little bit and think about the words she’d actually type in to that search bar, you might just have a compelling name for your group that will attract hordes of your ideal clients on autopilot. 

Let’s hit up that stressed out office worker one more time. Do you think she’s more likely to search for “healthy office workers” or something more like “weight loss?”

(Probably the latter.)

When you think you’ve got a good name, always ask yourself if your clients are searching for that phrase or those words to help them with whatever problem they’re having.

Now, look, you’re not gonna name your group something ridiculous like Feel Great, Lose Weight, Save Time, and Gain Control Support Group…

The point of these questions is to brainstorm and get your creative juices flowing. So I want you to do just that! Take 15 minutes to work through these questions and see if the mere act of thinking sparks something.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t. Sometimes, you need to step away and stop agonizing over something to land on the right answer. (Can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up in the middle of the night with the PERFECT line…)

And keep your eye on the prize. What’s more important? Having a name that’s *fabulous* or getting a bunch of your ideal clients right smack in front of you?

Always remember: Clear is a bajillion times better than clever.

If you’d like some feedback on a name you’re considering, bring it on over to the Okay, Okapi Facebook group! I created this group for exactly this reason – a safe place full of like-minded wellness pros who you can ask for help and get real, honest advice from. Jump in and make some new friends…can’t wait to meet you!