Good news: You don’t HAVE to blog

Have you ever wanted to completely throw in the sweaty towel on the whole blogging thing?You keep thinking it’ll get easier the more you do it, but you just keep getting more and more confused and less and less confident about your writing. You’re convinced that, if it really were that easy, you’d have mastered art of blogging by now and wouldn’t be struggling to publish something every week and end up embarrassed about the content you do manage to put out there. Good news: You don’t *have* to blog. Keep reading to learn more.

We’re friends so you can be honest with me: Have you ever wanted to completely throw in the sweaty (stinky and quite possibly bleach-stained – like the one I took to the gym this morning) towel on the whole blogging thing?

Deep breath because you’re not the only one. Hell, I’m a writer, and I’ve had that exact same thought. Not even shittin’ you.

But if that thought won’t leave you be, I’ve got an unexpected solution for you. I haven’t done the research on this but pretty sure no other writing coach and editor is gonna tell you this. 

(Scandalous, I know. Even more scandalous than watching six seasons of Scandal and completely skipping out on season seven.) 

If you spend any time online or reading books or listening to podcasts or following gurus, odds are damn good you’ve heard that you absolutely must be blogging – if not weekly then at least biweekly.   

And you’ve tried.

You’ve strapped yourself to your chair, spewed out some blithering mess of a blog post, hated every word, and forced yourself to put it up on your website anyway. You keep thinking it’ll get easier the more you do it, but you just keep getting more and more confused and less and less confident about your writing.

You’re pretty sure you’ll go full homicidal if you hear one more person talk about how easy it is to create a month’s worth of blog content in just one day (graphics and social media posts, too…giant smiley face emoji!) or to come up with endless content ideas at the drop of a top hat.

Because, if it really were that easy, you’d have mastered the so-called art of blogging by now and wouldn’t be struggling to publish something every week and end up embarrassed about the content you do manage to put out there. 

Here’s the thing: Even though I so so strongly believe that writing is a skill every business owner needs, if your weekly blog makes you reconsider this whole building your empire thing, you don’t *have* to do it.


Listen, not everyone is a writer. Not everyone wants to be a writer. Not everyone wants to get better at writing. Not everyone wants to hire someone to help them be a better writer. Not everyone communicates their best in writing. 

Which is a-o-freakin’kay.

There’s no sense making writing a focal point of your business-building plan if it’s stopping you from sharing content and getting your message out there.

So what can you do instead, if you really, really, really ha-ate writing and don’t want to invest the time in flexing your copy muscles but you really do wanna have a platform? Let’s take a look at a few options that might work better for you.

Start a podcast.

There are different kinds of communicators out there. Some people like to write. Some people like to make art. Some people like to talk.

If that last one’s you, you might consider starting your own podcast. (Or at least landing some interviews on podcasts.)

You’re still sharing your ideas, your solutions, and your business. You’re just not doing it in written words.

Podcasting still requires you to form coherent thoughts and say them out loud. But that comes more naturally to some people than others. (I mean, I’m a writer all the way. Try to interview me and my throat practically collapses.)

Do Facebook Lives.

Sure, lots of people are talking trash about Facebook these days. (I don’t love it, but I don’t throw any shade…) They’re talking about getting off the platform. Going somewhere else. Doing something different.

But there’s still billions of people using Facebook. And there’s a good chance a few hundred of those billion are your ideal customers.

So, if you’re someone who likes to talk and likes to be seen (like, literally seen), Facebook Lives could be an option for you.

Think of it as a blog post in visual form. You basically follow the same formula, but you’re on video talking about it instead of writing about it.

Bonus because, apparently, doing live video forms a super strong connection with your audience and ups the know, like, and trust factor. 

If you’re comfy cozy being the center of attention and don’t get flustered if you flub a word or lose your train of thought (me, that would be me, I talk in circles and riddles), consider jumping on the ol’ Live train.

P.S. Back when I thought I could do live video (HAHAHAHA, also…it was a total “should”), I set up a closed Facebook group so I could practice going live in there. Good way to work out the kinks.

Send an audio message.

What if you want to be in your people’s inbox every week but don’t want to send them a copy-heavy newsletter?

Why, send them an audio message but of course.

Kind of like a podcast except, you know, that goes on iTunes and Google Play and all those places. Your audio message…it just goes where you want it to go. 

Audio messages could work for you if a) you like talking and b) your ideal clients like listening. (Some people like to read. Some like to watch videos. And some like to listen. Meet them where they’re at, yes?)

Sending your people a newsletter with a really brief intro and an audio message can be a great way to get in front of them consistently without fleshing out a blog post. You’re still sharing your message and showing up – just without doing too much writing.

Embed a video.

Live video’s scary. (Who am I kidding? Any video is kinda scary for this INFJ.) But if you just want a bit more control and don’t mind the camera, maybe you make videos.

Just like an audio message, you can stick it right in your weekly newsletter or right on your website with a little bit of intro copy.  It takes the place of a good chunk of your written blog content.

The same rules apply here: You outline what you want to say, you talk so that people understand what you’re saying, you say what you need to say, and you share it.

Easy peasy if that’s your kinda thing.

Post on social media.

Okay. Yes. This requires writing.

Some people get super intimidated by the length of a blog post. (You’ve heard the one about how each post should be 2,000 words long and only your best, most ultimate content, right?)

There’s something about a blog post that – for a lot of people – makes them feel like it has to be perfect. It has to be amazing. It has to be some earth-shattering information. Oh, and it has to be perfectly written with extremely proper grammar and punctuation and impressive vocabulary.

(First of all, I call bullshit on all that. Have you *read* my blog?)

If you feel the same way, why not use social media as your platform?

I heard from a business coach colleague friend person who does just that. She writes a pretty off-the-cuff post about what she wants to say AND THEN turns that into a blog post.

Social media can be a lot more informal, a lot less planned, and a lot more fun if you go into it with the right attitude.

(Don’t ask me what that is. I’m still trying to figure that out myself…)

Just make sure you’re not just posting photos of your dog and dad jokes and that you’re actually sharing content that positions you as an expert or a thought leader or at least someone who people might wanna hire to do what you do.

Sooo, here’s what you’ve gotta go: Decide if the pressure of creating a weekly *written* blog post is keeping you stuck and stopping you from growing your business. 

And…if you need a permission slip to let go of it, here it is: If you really can’t stand writing and feel like working with someone to get better at it isn’t worth it and your message would come across much better in another format (ANY other format), do that. 

But, if you’ve read this and been all, “Nah, I hate the sound of my voice and how I look like a weird funhouse version of myself on video. I think I just need to get a little better at this writing thing,” then I’ve got just the thing for you. Check out my weekly copy coaching and editing package Badass Blogging for Business Owners that will help you finally get serious about blogging and sharing your content consistently. 

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