Make it you: This roundup has 10 actionable blog posts that will help you add more personality to your copy

Your business is an extension of you. So…why does yours look and sound an awful lot like everyone else’s? That’s a thinker. If you’re ready to add more you to your writing, check out this round up of blog posts that will help you spice up your copy with personality…and help you stand out in the crowded online space.

Pop quiz: What’s a fun and easy way to stand out from your competitors?

A. Start a smear campaign involving clever caricatures of your competitors so you look like the only trustworthy one.

B. Add some extra letters behind your name (legitimately, of course) so you look like an expert among amateurs.

C. Show a little bit of personality (preferably without showing any leg) so your audience connects with you as a person.

D. Adopt a completely fake persona that’s so over-the-top no one can ignore you. 

Nope, not a trick. It’s totally C – show some personality! (Please.)

I can’t even argue the merits of A, B, or D, only the negatives. I mean, you’re kind of only smearing yourself if you start badmouthing everyone else. No one wants to work with a judge-y asshole.

Distracting yourself with more school and more credentials is only stopping you from taking action in your business. You don’t need to know *everything,* although that is a very admirable goal (and one of the reasons I’m a proud Ravenclaw).

And seriously? A fake persona? Just no. Can you imagine how exhausting that would be? And what would you even do when you got so tired of it all and went back to regular ol’ you? “Oh, hey, everyone, I swear I don’t have multiple personalities…”

If you’re thinking, “That sounds about right, but how do I show my personality without looking like a total whack job?” I’ve got something for you: this convenient roundup of blog posts designed to help you infuse more personality into your copy. 


3 ways to add more "you" to your copy so you stand out in a crowded market

Online business is big. And it’s only getting bigger, with more and more peeps trying to get in the game every single day. Which means it can be hard to stand out in such a crowded market. This blog post gives you three easy ways you can add more “you” (i.e., more of that personality – even though I was totally tempted to write “more of that thing you do”) to your copy so you stand out from every other budding business owner out there.


All that boring, not-you language is actually squashing your business

Have you been trying desperately to nail your copy – pumping out draft after draft after draft, pinning all kinds of pinteresting content, lurking in some copywriting Facebook groups to learn from the self-proclaimed pros?

That might not be working because it’s damn near impossible to learn to write like yourself when you’re looking outside yourself. (I believe that’s what they call a mic drop right there.)

Instead, try these three things to finally get copy that no one else has because it’s so you and there’s no one else quite like you.


The one thing missing if you want to write conversational copy

Been through all the templates and courses and podcasts and books about writing? 

Frustrated that you didn’t come out the other side magically knowing exactly how to infuse your personality into your writing? Ugh, the worst feeling. Plus…ain’t nobody got time for that. 

But you can learn to write more conversationally and with more personality…it all starts with what I share in this blog post. Warning: It’s not just another “hack” or “guarantee,” and it’s maybe a little woo woo, but it’s something you HAVE to understand.


What I talk about when I talk about personality (to borrow from Haruki Murakami) 

You’ve probably heard that you should show more personality in your branding, your business, and your writing. You might think that sounds great but – also – you don’t have a personality.

Umm, what?!

If you think that, you need to read this blog post where I share what I talk about when I talk about personality. (Don’t worry – it’s not 175 pages like Haruki’s memoir.)

Also, P.S.: The associated email I sent with this literally just made me chuckle out loud on a crowded airplane somewhere over the South. Want me to send it to you in case you need a mid-travel pick-me-up? My wish is your command. (Unless it involves magically silencing the ever-present screaming baby…I have no powers of persuasion there…)


Four reasons you absolutely must show personality in your copy

Okay, if it’s not clear already if you’ve poked around the blog or gotten this far down the list: 

It is SUPER important to show personality in your writing. Just wanted to make sure we’re all on the same page on that one. 

But a lot of business owners feel like they can’t do it. Or…just don’t wanna do it. In this post, I share four reasons why you absolutely must show (at least some) personality in your writing. I don’t want to be dramatic or anything (okay, I do), but your business may just depend on it. Scandalous statement, I know.


Three lies you’re telling yourself about showing personality in your copy

Be honest with me for a hot sec: Do you have trouble showing personality in your copy? Yes?

Cool, cool. Now I’m gonna be honest with you (ahh, reciprocity): Chances are you’re stopping yourself from having a little fun because you’re telling yourself three lies about writing copy that’s a little more original and a little more you. Check out those excuses in this blog post to see if you’re guilty as charged.


Why editing your work doesn’t ever work (and what to do instead)

I see you. Yeah, those broken, frizzy strands aren’t the result of aggressive heat styling or female pattern baldness. They’re from pulling your hair out (and not in a trichotillomania kinda way) trying to balance professionalism and lightheartedness…and attempting (and oftentimes failing ) to bringing a bit more personality into your writing.

Things you’ve probably tried? Majorly editing your work. Letting it sit for a bit. Banging out a shitty first draft. Buuut…none of those strategies got you the results you were looking for. This blog post covers another strategy you can try – one that might actually work. Yasss.


This is how you edit your copy like a writer

Ever wonder how a writer edits their copy? You know, a writer that doesn’t have an editing team on-call? Well, wonder no more because, in this blog post, I take you behind the scenes of my editing process and share the exact steps I take to edit copy and make it stronger.

(And, yes, one of the steps totally involves adding more personality. As if I would do anything else.)


I have a theory that grammar and punctuation rules are begging to be broken – let’s investigate

Truthbomb: One of the biggest things stopping you from writing is trying to follow “the rules.”

I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in. Back? Cool.

When you toss out “the rules,” you can write in a way that feels more natural to you. But how do you know what to get rid of? And what does that look like in your writing? Hint: It doesn’t involve going all ee cummings or writing long-form blog posts as never-ending sentences, devoid of any and all punctuation, capitalization, or coherence.


Q&A Whensday: You wanna know when it's cool to get all poppy in your copy

I couldn’t resist the allure of a theme day so here we have a Q&A Whensday. Woohoo. This one’s for you if you’ve ever wondered whether it’s appropriate to infuse pop culture in to your copy. Or if you’ve thought, “Is this a little too much Harry Potter slang?” Or: “Can I show more personality without looking like I’m hopping on the crowded bandwagon?”


Worked your way through this epic(ish) roundup and still not sure how you bring more you into your business and your writing? It happens. As does inhaling a plate of chocolate truffles. If you’re ready to punch up your copy and need a little outside perspective, Spice Rack could very well be the answer. Learn more here.