The simple little foolproof trick that helped me write this blog post

Not sure what you’re going to write for this week’s blog post? Here’s my default trick when I feel like I have nothing to say, I’ve run out of ideas, and nothing is new. #writingprompts #copywritingtips #writingtips #smallbusiness #contentmarketing

Do you ever feel like you have nothing to say? You’ve run out of ideas? Nothing is new? Your brain is a complete pile of half-melted nice cream and there’s no salvaging any part of it?


As I started thinking about this week’s blog post, I had pretty much that exact inner monologue playing on an endless loop.

It also came with impressive backup vocals harmonizing unnecessary barbs about everything I’m self-conscious about. You know, just to really pile it on and majorly kick my resistance up about 79 notches.

After I’d been listening to this horrible record (CD? mp3? playlist?) for days straight, suddenly it was like someone finally put on a new track. They hit the skip button, they picked up the needle, they snapped that disc in two.

And solid gold inspiration struck.

*This* is what I needed to write about. 

If you ever find yourself feeling stuck, doubting yourself and your ability to come up with something worth writing about, here’s the trick you need to use:

Write about something that happened to you recently or that you’re struggling with.

There’s (of course) a catch to this.

You’re not just going to write about your latest trip to the mall in search of air conditioning. And maybe a new pair of sunglasses.

This isn’t your opportunity to rant about the unreliability of your internet provider and how their horrible service makes it beyond difficult for you to work from home sometimes.

Nor should you see this as an opening to dish on the latest neighborhood gossip and how Miss Stella two doors down had a giant party last night and you weren’t invited – even though you invited her to your Memorial Day picnic and complimented her on her incredibly creamy potato salad. You even asked for the recipe despite the fact that you hate mayonnaise. The nerve of Miss Stella.

You need to talk about how that story or experience applies to your client.

Maybe those couple hours spent traipsing through the concourses made you realize that you needed to get away from your computer. So you remind your clients to take time for themselves, too.

Maybe the latest service outage forced you to get creative so you could stream the latest episode of Project Runway…errr, send that email to your client. Now, you’ve got a list of (totally legal and legit) ways your clients might get on some wifi.

Maybe your exclusion made you a little more aware of the importance of inclusivity in your business and you want to share your realization with your clients.

The whole point of this blog post is to share something I was personally struggling with (feeling like I didn’t have anything to write this week – which is never true, by the way, but that’s a topic we can chew on another day) – and a trick I used to create something worthwhile for you (that you can use next time you’re feeling like I was. Am…).

So to sum up:

Do make it valuable to them. Make it worth their time. Make it something they can take action on. Don’t take advantage of a captive audience and use it as a personal soap box. 

Now, why is this a good idea?

Aside from the fact that you now have a veritable diamond mine of content you can keep on digging in to to find some real gems (I hate myself for that one…)?

Sharing your struggles shows that you’re a real, live human being with thoughts and feelings and fears and stories and mindset issues. And a life outside of your business.

It lets your people see a glimpse of the real you. Not the shiny, happy one you splash all over your website and on social media. You know the you I’m talking about. The one sipping mocktails on the beach and splashing around in the surf in what appears to be an old prom dress and acting like LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. #blessed

It makes you more credible because it shows vulnerability.

Say what?! How does being vulnerable make you more credible?

Because, my friend, when you’re open and honest and don’t put up some facade of perfection, you remind people that you’re just like them. You’re a person. And people like doing business with people. Especially people they can relate to.

You can put up a sign that says, “Hey. I’m going through the same thing. Hugs.”

It builds trust. 

I mean, do you want to work with someone who has no idea what it feels like to be so paralyzed by the thought of doing a Facebook Live that you’d rather spend 96 hours straight networking (or willingly eat a ghost pepper – essentially the same thing)? That person won’t be able to relate to your fear. Sure, they might have some good tips for you, but if they can’t put themselves in your super comfy house shoes, they might not be able to really, truly help you.

And isn’t that what we want? Someone to see us, to help us, and get us through?

Need someone to see you, help you, and get you through? (Ah!) Specifically when it comes to all your copy needs? Let’s have a chat about what you’re struggling with and see how we can work together to make it easier. Grab a virtual smoothie right here!