The totally counterproductive habit that’s definitely not helping you

Here’s a question for you: Do you have a message that you want to share? Something you’re really passionate about that you won’t stop talking about? A topic that’s really important to you that you refuse to shut up about? Then…why do you have a really counterproductive habit? Curious what it is?

Here’s a question for you (yes, you, stop looking behind you innocently): Do you have a message that you want to share? Something you’re really passionate about that you won’t stop talking about? A topic that’s really important to you that you refuse to shut up about?

Okay, that was three questions. And they were all rhetorical.

Because I KNOW you do. You’ve got a message, something you’re passionate about, a topic that’s near and dear to your tiny little heart.

But you’re self-sabotaging. Yeah, I just called you on your bullshit. 

You might worship at the altar of weekly blogging. You might dedicate a day each week to writing. You might religiously pump out new posts and dutifully publish them.

But you’re not sending them to your email subscribers. You’re not promoting them on social media. You aren’t repurposing them. You’re not driving any traffic to them.

They’re just there. Existing in the internet ether. 

You’re actually hoping that no one reads them. Like, actively wishing and hoping and dreaming and doing a damn good job of keeping them hidden.

Friend, you’ve got a totally counterproductive habit going on there. You say you want to reach and teach, except you’re staying mum on your bum.

If you’re thinking, “Yeah but that’s okay because I don’t get clients through my blog” or some similar excuse, let me tell you all about why this is a problem.

You don’t have to improve.

If no one’s reading your blog, then it doesn’t matter how utterly terrible it is, right?

You can just go about your blogging business, slapping together last-minute posts that aren’t entirely coherent, that are – let’s be honest – a bit of a snooze fest and not entirely representative of you or your brand or your personality.

If you’ve got an audience of one or two (wave hi to your parents and maybe your super supportive SO), you don’t have to get better at writing or blogging.

But, if you find yourself building an audience of people who are interested in your message and what you have to say, you owe them something a little better than random musings on video editing that you typed distractedly with one finger while watching The Bachelor and slurping pad Thai.

You want to position yourself as an expert, and, well, half-assing it won’t cut the mustard. (I think there’s a gas joke wrapped up in there…?) But if you’re banking on the fact that your writing isn’t going to get a ton of eyeballs on it, then the pressure is 100% off.

You don’t have to take it seriously.

If you’ve got a loyal readership that you can count on one hand and every one of them (minus that weird IP address that looks incredibly suspicious…not naming names or anything), then you don’t have to take it seriously.

You can stay in your comfort zone of posting mediocre content if you fully believe that it doesn’t impact your business.

If you’re putting out stay-away-from-me-vibes to the universe, you can go right on treating your blog like a fun project you just do whenever you feel like it.

You can post weekly. Or not. You can write content related to your business. Or not. You can treat it as part of your marketing strategy. Or not.

The choice is yours, of course. But, if you’re hoping against hope and aspiring to rank as one of the least read blogs of all time, then you don’t have to put any effort in to it. 

You can do what you want, when you want, without regard to any sort of publishing schedule or strategy. It’s just something you *do* – not something you want to be known for.

You can publish whatever you want.

If no one’s reading your blog, just as planned, then you don’t have any readership to appease.

You can publish whatever you want – maybe that’s an exposé on kitty litter or a think piece on how sustainable flower farms are or an epic poem (a legit type of poem that means it’s long…not just using epic as an adjective to tout how great it is) about how teddy bears are hiding the real unicorns somewhere.

You can give an impolite middle finger to everyone (or no one ‘cuz, you know, that’s who’s paying attention) and go your own way, a la Fleetwood Mac. 

If your audience isn’t expecting a certain kind of content from you, then you’re free to follow your creative whims and fancies and publish whatever your heart desires.

You can be a true artist and only write about what’s really on your mind – not just whatever’s on the editorial calendar. And you can write in whatever format you want. It doesn’t have to be a 1,000-word blog post with keywords and meta tags and a call-to-action.

If you don’t want anyone to read your stuff, then it doesn’t matter what stuff you put out there.

But…none of that makes sense, does it? Why waste your time writing content – no matter how shitty you think it is – if you don’t want anyone to read it? I mean, in your heart of hearts, you must want someone to read it if you’re even bothering putting it out there on the interwebs for people to stumble across, right?

Stop sabotaging yourself. Stop lying to yourself. Stop telling yourself it doesn’t matter when it really does.

(But…if you’re not lying to yourself and it really doesn’t matter to you and your blog isn’t part of your marketing plan at all, then fuzzy, fleecy pom-pom hats off to you. You, my friend, can totally keep on doing what you’re doing. Rock on with your bad self.)

There’s been a lot of “ifs” in this week’s post, and here comes another one: If you’ve been secretly hoping no one reads your blog but also simultaneously crushed that, hey, no one’s reading your blog, then it might be time to get a little more serious about it.

That’s exactly why I work with online business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives to write copy that doesn’t embarrass them…and that sounds like something they’d say. And something they want people to see. You can learn more about one of the ways I do that, Badass Blogging for Business Owners, right this merry way.