The unsung superhero you need INSTEAD of a copywriter

Business owners are told they can (and should) outsource tasks that aren’t in their zone of genius. But that’s not always an option for everyone. And – sometimes – it’s not the best option. Check out this post to learn why you might not need a copywriter and what you might need instead. #copycoach #contentcoach #contentmarketing #editor

You might not want to hear this, so put on your earmuffs if you’re sensitive like that:

Copywriting is a skill you NEED to develop as a business owner. 

Be honest: Is that the last thing you wanted to hear right about now? I feel ya.

So often as business owners we’re told that we can and should outsource things that we don’t love doing, that aren’t a strength, that we spend too much time on, that we don’t feel super confident about…even if we don’t mind doing them.

And that’s totally true. Yay.

But there are definitely skills we need to have in our business-building toolkit. You know, important stuff like budgeting, marketing, customer service, writing…

Which is why, today, we’re going to talk about a few reasons why you probably don’t need a copywriter and why it actually might not be the best option for you. And, of course, what a better option is. ‘Cuz I totally got you.

You might not be able to afford a copywriter.

Especially at the beginning stages of your business. And, let’s be honest, you get what you pay for.

Almost everyone I’ve spoken to has mentioned how they’ve hired someone to write their copy but ended up not using it or hiring someone else because it didn’t sound like them.

If you’re looking on places like Upwork or Freelancer or awarding work to the lowest bidder in a random Facebook group, sure, you can totally find a diamond in the rough. There’s some talented folk hanging out there.

But you might be more likely to get someone who doesn’t specialize in your industry, who doesn’t know your clients, who doesn’t speak the same language as you (literally and metaphorically), who doesn’t write in your voice, who doesn’t understand your message or branding, who doesn’t know what you’re really trying to accomplish.

(Not 100% their fault, if you’re reading this and thinking I’m ragging on writers. I happen to be one, and I know we sometimes don’t ask the right questions, which leads to miscommunication and multiple drafts and meh copy you’re not in love with.)

And a really good copywriter – one who’s a freakin’ badass and can whip out enviable copy – is gonna cost you. 

You don’t always have the time.

You know how, sometimes, you leave things to the last minute and then go, “Oh, shit! I totally forgot to write a sales page for this!” Or: “Fuck! I need a funnel!” 

Unless you’re BFFs with a copywriter who’s going to drop EVERYTHING and fulfill your urgent request, it’s going to take time to hire someone. Especially the *right* someone.

You’ve gotta get a list of candidates (or ask for referrals). You’ve gotta interview said candidates. You’ve gotta read their proposals. You’ve gotta mull over your decision. (Which, if you’re an indecisive Libra like me, takes A LOT of time. Like, weeks.) You’ve gotta pick your copywriter and let the others down gently. You’ve gotta onboard the new copywriter. You’ve gotta brain dump all your ideas to the new copywriter. You’ve gotta wait for their first draft. You’ve gotta give feedback on that draft, then await a second draft....(You get the idea, yes?)

And that’s assuming the copywriter you pick for your project has immediate availability. What if they’ve got a waitlist?!

By the time you’ve crossed off all the to-dos, well, you might just be well past your deadline. Boo.

Sometimes shit just needs to be done NOW. And you’re the only one who’s got the availability.

You have a lot of copy that needs writing.

While this technically could also fall under the “you don’t have the funding to employ a full-time copywriter” caveat, it’s also in a category all its own. Because...can you really rely on someone else to write EVERY SINGLE WORD for you?

Just think about all the content involved in running a business:

  • Blog posts

  • Newsletters

  • Sales emails

  • Email sequences (yeah, more than one)

  • Opt-ins

  • Ebooks

  • Social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and whatever else the kids are using these days)

  • Captions and pin descriptions 

  • Product descriptions 

  • Metadata/SEO stuff

  • Website copy (home page, about page, sales pages, work with me page, landing pages, contact me, calendar/booking, privacy policy, FAQs, terms and conditions...)

  • Podcast show notes

  • Daily communication emails with clients and prospects

  • Proposals (for clients and books)

  • Pitches

  • Guest posts

  • Interviews

  • Video scripts

  • Workbooks

  • Course content 

  • Press releases

  • Speech outlines

  • Presentation decks

  • Chat bot messages

  • Fact sheets

  • Bios (short, long, causal, professional) and resumes

That’s A TON of stuff. And I totally pumped the breaks on coming up with more. ‘Cuz you bet your sweet ass there’s more.

But think about it. Shouldn’t you be writing *some* of this yourself? Should you be relying completely and utterly on someone else to create all your content, every word that you need to write to run your business, every thought you want to communicate to your people?

That seems like a damn tall order (taller than some people’s Starbucks orders, I imagine), doesn’t it? 

You don’t trust just anyone.

Despite my self-appointed title as amateur psychologist, I’m not gonna dig into the thoughts and stories behind this one.


But you could very well have a point. 

Your business is like your baby. It’s like your business baby. Your big business baby. 

Just like you wouldn’t trust just anyone to hold your real-life baby (I mean, totally making an assumption here because you could be the kind of parent that’s so over it and just wants a freakin’ break already...I’d totally be *that* parent...), why trust a random internet stranger with your business baby?

They don’t know everything you know about your business. They don’t know the big, bad unspoken hopes and dreams you’ve totally shoved into the recesses of your brain because saying them out loud is SCARY AF. They don’t know your sense of humor or your voice or your favorite (and least favorite) words. 

That’s not their fault. It’s because we don’t always tell people these things (again, being vulnerable and honest is absolutely terrifying), which makes getting copy that’s totally you really, really hard sometimes. 

What’s a better solution? Writing it yourself! And working with an editor who will make sure you’re communicating your ideas clearly – and make those ideas pop even more.

That’s why I do what I do. To give you more confidence in your writing. To help you save time. To give you control. To cultivate a skill set that every business owner needs. Learn more about how I can help you right this way.