Why your writing style isn't wrong or bad

Why your writing style isn't wrong or bad

Let’s just get this out of the way right now: You don’t suck at writing.

There. I said it.

Sure, sure, writing comes more naturally to some people. And maybe you’re not one of them. But that doesn’t mean you’re some poor schlub who can’t string together a few coherent, relatively entertaining sentences.

You’ve probably been told that writing isn’t your strong suit, that you should invest your energy elsewhere, that – Good God! What is this unintelligible nonsense you’ve scribbled here?! – your writing has no style or substance.

The truth? Every writer gets misunderstood, rejected, or flat out hated on. Seriously. Louisa May Alcott was once advised to “stick to teaching.” And Rudyard Kipling was told that he didn’t know how to use the English language.

Read on for a little help understanding that your writing style – or arguably lack thereof – isn’t wrong or bad.

You’ve probably read other people’s blogs or newsletters and been in awe of their writing.

It seems so effortless, so clear, so…them.

You’re pretty sure the only way something so epic could land on your computer screen is if you spent an entire year perfecting it. Or you were suddenly, magically reincarnated as The Greatest Writer Who Ever Lived.

Your writing feels clunky. Disjointed. A jumble of words and phrases.

But what if you embraced that style instead of fighting it?

Contrary to popular belief or what your English teacher told you, there’s really no ONE WAY to write. No style is better than another.

I mean, if every piece of writing sounded the same, was written with the exact same format, and used the same grammar and punctuation conventions…that would be boring, don’t you think?

So what if you use a ton of slang or every piece of content is infused with obscure pop-culture references?

Who cares if you use incomplete sentences or start sentences with conjunctions or write paragraphs that are one, big, long, beautiful sentence?

What does it matter if you write one-word paragraphs? Or never use contractions? Or always capitalize certain words?

Who’s to say that that fluffy, woo-woo, emotional, completely magical picture you’re painting with your flowery language isn’t making a point?

And why the hell should you not make up your own words?!?!

Just because you don’t write like “everyone else” or follow the “rules” or have a completely different way of expressing yourself – like maybe every post is expressed as a poem or song lyrics or a mathematical formula – doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

It just means you’re you.

And being you is never wrong. (Unless you’re like a serial killer or a bunny torturer or something like that…not cool, my friend, not cool.)

If you’re writing and reaching your audience and doing it in your style, however that looks, that’s what matters.

Not the word count. Not the subheadings. Not the perfect sentence structure.

So the next time you start questioning everything and feeling compelled to delete every last piece of content you’ve ever created and start from scratch so it matches some new style you think is better than what comes naturally to you, I challenge you to just stop right there. (And start signing “Stop right there, thank you very much…” You know, The Spice Girls. Come on, you totally listened to them in the 90s.)

(Also…see? There’s one of those pop culture references I was talking about…)

Learn to love the whacky, weird, maybe totally woo-woo way you write. It doesn’t mean you can’t improve that style. It just means take the path of least resistance. Instead of trying to change what’s uniquely, inherently you, embrace it, accept it, and build it.

If you’re not sure what’s so great about your style, send it my way! I can help you find your style by reviewing your copy and pointing out your strengths. (Sometimes it’s hard for us to see them!) Check out my Sales Page Second Look offer riiiiight over here and let’s love on your style!