Yep, it’s possible to get back on track with your writing goals. Here’s how to do it easily.

It’s really easy to get off track with your goals – big and small. Life has a way of well, getting in the way. In this blog post, I share you four quick things you can do to make progress on your writing goals right away…so you don’t let 2019 slip by without tackling even the tiniest sliver of your goals.

Here at Okay, Okapi, I’ve been thinking about goals a lot. (It’s not boring, I swear.) 

If you’re anything like me, you eagerly bought some 2019 planner or enrolled in a planning challenge or course and eagerly recorded everything you hoped to do, dream, and achieve this year. #dreamersanddoers, right?

Problem: If you’re also anything like the millions of other people who forgot what their goal was two weeks after they set it, maybe you’ve gotten distracted by some other shiny goal or haven’t *quite* made any progress…

Listen, you think of me as your personal copy coach, copy cheerleader, or (I guess) copywriter, no? Then you should know I’ll do my damnedest and everything in my power to help you focus on something that I KNOW is über important to you: writing better copy, whether that means with more personality or with more confidence or some other magical manifestation we dream up together. And I’ll totally do it with a goofy lopsided smirky smile on my face. (That’s just the way I look…)

You want copy you feel 100% confident about so you don’t even have to think twice about sending people to your website or sharing your blog post on social media – or maybe pitching a guest post somewhere snazzy. 

You want to avoid that nasty inner gremlin (remember: Stripe, not Gizmo) that makes you think you have no idea how to string together a handful of words into a coherent sentence.

I absolutely understand how it’s possible to get off track with your goals – big and small – so I’d like to offer you some advice for getting back on the burro and not letting 2019 escape without you tackling even the tiniest sliver of your goals. 

I mean, no one wants to keep making the same goals year after year after infernal year…

Okay, okay, here’s the four things, right quick:

Simple dimple. Those are four action steps you can seriously take right now, in less than an hour, to get inspired (or re-inspired) to start tackling your copy again.

What now, you ask?

If you want more personalized help on your copy challenges, you know I’m always here for you. (Like the wind beneath your wings.)

To celebrate you being a massive, kick-ass action taker like no other, I also just so happen to have a special surprise for you. (Yes, you. Don’t look around like you think I’m talking to the person behind you.)

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(Why four reviews, you ask? Well, that could be a whole month of blog posts. Or newsletters. A good portion of your website…)

This is only available this week. So, yeah, I’m kinda bribing you. But it’s a good bribe. It’s like a chocolate chip cookie (or two) for cleaning your room. Everyone needs a little boost and some encouragement to do something they’ve been putting off and finally take some action. So why not get a little reward for moving a few steps closer to massive copy confidence?

If you want to head into 2020 with perfect copy clarity and confidence, let’s get this party started.