Take your content from chaotic and inconsistent to bingeworthy and totally badass


You were called to be creative.

To get your hands messy. To make something different. To lead from your heart.



A lot of the time you struggle to get your message across. You feel like you’ve got something to say but can’t quite seem to find the right words.

You know you’ve got a voice. You’ve got an audience. You’ve got a community.

But you don’t always know how to say things in writing.

Oh, no doubt, you can bust out an Instagram caption and text LIKE A BOSS. You speak fluent emoji (same, girl, same). You know how to talk to people.

But, when it comes to writing eloquently and with emotion? You hit the biggest copy cock-blocking wall in the world.

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You’ve got a lot of ideas (hello, you’re a creative!) but way too little focus and an overwhelming, throw-up-in-your-mouth kinda feeling that you don't know what the EFF you’re doing.

There’s so much advice on the interwebs about writing copy, but it just feels overwhelming.

And you’re so tired of all the marketing catch phrases, jargon, overused buzzwords, and pushy, in-your-face, make-’em-feel-like-shit-so-they-buy tactics floating everyone says you NEED to use. You’ve over the overinflated promises. 

You just want to feel more comfortable creating content. That’s not too much to ask, is it?!?!

But, yeah, writing copy feels like a massive, impossible project, and you’re worried that you’re going to miss the mark. You’ve never thought of writing as your *thing* – creating, leading, helping…THAT is your thing. You’ve tried writing copy before, but you just second guessed yourself like crazy, and you’re in that comfy cozy place of analysis paralysis.

If you’re being honest?

  • You’ve got this weird mindset issue where writing for your business just feels different (in a bad, pit-of-your-stomach, sweaty-armpits kind of way) than firing off a quick text or DM.

  • You’re so afraid that what you DO write is going to suck and fail – maybe even be deemed THE WORST PIECE OF COPY EVER WRITTEN and go down in the annals of history – that you can’t even start writing.

  • You’ve almost convinced yourself that you don’t need to write copy. A business without any words is legit, right? No blogs, no newsletters, no sales pages, no website, no podcast notes, no articles, no guest posts, no video scripts, no email sequences, no landing pages, no pitches, no workbooks, no ebooks, no product descriptions, no press releases, no speeches, no presentations, no social media posts, no proposals…NONE OF IT.

  • You don’t even know what to write or edit out anyway. Okay, fine, you have so much to say but no idea what to keep and what to delete?!? AHHH!

  • You’re pretty sure the only way to describe the feelings you experience when you sit down to write something is PANIC ATTACK. You feel like you’re choking on your words and not even a Heimlich maneuver from Captain America will help you spew out something even partially cohesive.


It doesn’t have to feel so…heavy. And impossible.

You can totally learn how to write and use your newfound (and totally bitchin’) skills for all your business-building needs from now until forever (channeling my inner Whoopi Goldberg on that one…) so that your copy sounds like you, you’re writing in your voice, your unique story shines through in all your writing, and you never think you’re a shit writer again.

And – hey! – good news: It doesn’t require you to write in some voice that someone told you was appropriate or that your high school English teacher said was proper or that guy on that podcast that one time encouraged you to use because it would “totally boost your business.” You don’t have to be who other people want you to be, and you can churn out consistent, creative copy that’s clear and compelling and fun to create and even funner to read.

Introducing Content Coaching for Creatives.

Ta-da! 🎉

Totally customized, done-with-you coaching and editing that will finally help you create consistent, nail your voice, and get some much-needed confidence to shed that “crappy writer” identity you’re clinging to even if you think you’re too right-brained, you’re unclear on who you’re writing for or what you’re writing, and you’re not sure what your style really is (or why it matters).

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Content Coaching for Creatives is jam-packed with:

Your customized review includes that focuses on what you want from your sales page

A weekly one-hour coaching session (that would be 12, in all, because, math) where we spend some quality 1:1 time getting your questions answered, workshopping any pressing issues, and doling out feedback to make sure you’re engaged in thoughtful (not haphazard) content creation. Oh, and it’s an opportunity to outline strategic content so it’s moving you and your ideal people toward an ideal outcome. 

in-depth review of your sales page with specific solutions for your copy

Personalized writing exercises so you have clear-cut directions that will help you get better at writing, find your voice and style, and flex that (soon-to-be-epic) writing muscle so you can get down to putting all that glorious structured, intentional, personality-laced content out into the big, wide world.

customized goodies and personalized recommendations so your sales page second look is tailored to you and your needs

A website and copy audit to give you immediate places you can strengthen your existing copy, find any sneaky typos that are sapping your credibility, and ensure your copy maintains a consistent style and tone wherever you’re showing up. After all, you wanna build a brand that attracts your dream peeps, and being consistent is a damn good start to creating that oh-so-desirable know, like, and trust factor.

a quick 30-minutechat to discuss my recommendations for your sales page

Review and feedback on ALL materials to hold you accountable (‘cuz sometimes you just need a deadline with a fire-breathing editor on the other side to literally light a fire under your ass), make sure your copy is on point and has a clear message, ensure your copy is you-forward and über engaging, and pretty much guarantees your copy captures your voice and personality, whether it’s cussing BFF or mama bear, so you’re confident you’re putting good shit out there. 


$3500 for 3 months of targeted, confidence (and content!) boosting coaching

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Psst. Only two spots available for this high-touch (low-stress!) coaching package this month


Ready to get a serious copy KO (in a good way, I promise)?

  • Click on that little button down there to schedule a no-strings attached chat to see if Content Coaching for Creatives is *exactly* what you need.

  • Within 24 hours, you’ll get a confirmation email from me bursting with excitement about the prospect of talking with you. (Yes, you. 😘)

  • We’ll hop on the phone and talk it out – swearing and awkward jokes practically guaranteed!

  • If we’re go for launch, I’ll send you a little (okay, BIG) love note with more info and next steps.

  • You soak up all the copy knowledge for three months and add “writer” to your list of creative accolades. Boom.

Got a question? 🙋🏻‍♀️

+ What if I hate it? Do you offer refunds?

I mean, I’m doubtful you’ll hate it because I’m totally invested in your success. Scout's honor. And my suggestions aren’t law. Like, you won’t get struck by lightning if you don’t rephrase that one sentence. But if there’s something you’re not exactly ecstatic about, we can talk it out. This is COACHING. We work together, so you co-design your experience. Ya dig?

+ Is this for beginners or for people further along?

Come one, come all to the copy circus! Okay, but for real. As long as you’ve got yourself a business and a dream and a serious craving to get better at writing your own copy, THIS IS FOR YOU.

That’s all. No disclaimers or caveats. No listing of prerequisites. Bring your curiosity and your grit, and let’s do this thang.

+ How much support will I get?

You saw that part where I said high-touch, right? I’m not kidding. Odds are, we’ll be chatting most days – between our weekly calls, feedback sessions, emails, Vox… I only take on two of these babies at a time so I’ve got plenty of time and creativity to support you AS MUCH AS YOU NEED. I mean, there won’t be any handholding, but let’s just say I’ve got your back.

+ Speaking of creative…What exactly do you mean by “creative?”

Most excellent question, my most excellent friend. We’re not necessarily using the strictest definition of “creative” here. (That would be someone who creates something, usually art of some kind.) We’re talking about someone who creates. That could totally be art – painters, illustrators, printmakers, pattern makers, graphic designers, photographers, poets, writers of all stripes.

Buuut it could a business. Because it totally takes creative, outside-the-box thinking and ideas to make a business happen.

+ I like to write…?

Is that a question…or?

If you like to write, you’re in the right place. And, if you’re thinking, “I like to write, but I wish I were better at it,” you are DEFINITELY in the right place.

Like I said somewhere above, writing is a skill set. And you’re only gonna cultivate that skill set if you practice. And if you actually like to write? Sah-weet! That just means you’ll enjoy the process and learn a thing or two.

+ Do you copy edit, too? My grammar is freakin’ awful and, well, autocorrect has embarrassed me more than once.

You bet your sweet ass I do. I’m kind of an eagle eye and I fine-tooth comb stuff, and it wouldn't feel good to me to sign off on your copy with an errant comma, confusion between affect and effect, extra spacing...ooooh, I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

+ I have another question that’s not listed here.

I got you! Shoot your Q over to tracie@okayokapi.com and I’ll get an A back to you ASAP.




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