feel more confident and less embarrassed about your copy in 48 hours or less

Here’s the thing: You actually think it’s kinda fun to have ideas flow outta your head and onto the page.

You just wish you were a little more sure about those ideas…and whether what you’ve written is helpful or confusing. Or cheesy. (Or worse…boring. *shudder*)

You feel like:

  • You’re not communicating the values and benefits of your services clearly.

  • Academic and corporate writing have ruined your brain (this is your brain on corporate writing…) and left you incapable of putting together anything interesting.

  • Your sales page is spammy and pushy.

  • You’re overthinking everything.

  • You spend way too much time constantly revising and questioning what you’re doing (so you never end up launching your thing).

  • You’re gonna be misunderstood, your copy will be off-message, and you’ll weaken your brand values if you try to be funny or clever or show any shred of personality.

  • You’re not following “the rules” and you’re going to look like a total idiot.

You get a crazy endorphin rush (sans pharmaceuticals, but of course) outta writing your own copy. But you’re not always sure you’re being clear, you’re making a shred of sense, or anyone (besides you) gets what you’re saying.

Sometimes you need a jumping off point and some support to make it happen.

And right now? You feel meh when you read your copy.

You hate everything you write about 30 minutes after you finish it. You feel uninspired and, holy fuck, how the hell are you supposed to inspire your peeps when you can’t even muster the energy to get enthused about what you’ve written?

So you surround yourself with four bottles of wine (*ahem* support…a little liquid courage and synthetic enthusiasm never got anyone in trouble anyway….) and worry that you’re missing the mark. Like, you’re doing something wrong, something is missing, and you’re not following some unspoken but somehow universally understood “rule.”

You wholeheartedly believe in what you do, but everything you write feels forced. You feel more lost than Hansel and Gretel without their beloved breadcrumbs. (Do you think they were gluten-free? Or rye? I bet they were pumpernickel.)

You’ve been writing your sales page for six months now. Beating that dead horse of a blog post for a week. Non-stop. Gussying up that guest post for, well, you’ve lost track of how long *exactly.*

You really (really) wanna release it to the wild and let the internet powers that be work their magic, but you feel all kinds of forehead-and-upper-lip-sweaty nervous. You’re super passionate about what you do, but it’s a huge step to show up in a bigger way and put yourself out there so people can *actually* see what you’re all about. 

Like, you read what you wrote and go, “WTF was I thinking? This is all over the place and sounds like someone with 19 personalities wrote it.”

You’ve just been reading it and editing it. Over and over and over again. You’re at the point now where you feel like your eyes and head and heart are totally done.

So you freeze.

You’ve got a lot of excuses why you’re not getting that copy out there. You’ve got too many ideas. You lack focus. You’ve been making sales without a sales page. (LOOK AT YOU. 🙌🏻) The package doesn’t make sense. The whole thing just feels weak. Probably best to redo your copy for the lucky number thirteenth time. 


Listen…you don’t have to stay in this weird procrasti-limbo (that’s code for stuck AF).

You CAN wrap that copy up with a pretty bow, feel confident that you’re positioning yourself as an expert (and not looking like a buffoon or a used-car salesman), and have a piece of content that actually does justice to your amazing services…and your bomb-ass self.

You can feel more confident that your personality, message, and brilliant ideas come through loud and clear – and in your voice and your style. You can feel more self-assured of said brilliant ideas and finally stop second guessing your writing. (Yes, it’s helpful. No, it’s not cheesy. Team Provolone for life.)

And it doesn’t require you to surround yourself with boxed wine (you know, to keep the “ideas” flowing), spend a fortune hiring people who don’t understand your industry, or trolling Facebook groups looking for feedback you’re not even sure you can trust.

Introducing: Copy Confidence (booyah 🙌🏻)

Feel more confident and less embarrassed about your copy in 48 hours or less even if copywriting isn’t exactly your strong suit, you’ve tweaked your copy about 47 times already, and you feel like you have no idea what the fuck you’re doing.


You’ll be the proud recipient of my freakin’ fab Copy Confidence service so that you get the feedback you need to stop second guessing your copy (like, does that sentence even make sense?!? Are those benefits even benefits?!?), bring your voice AND value to a seemingly saturated market, have the cojones to show up as you (#YouAreEnough), and have one less excuse to drag your feet.

You just need the confidence to do it (*cough, cough* the Copy Confidence, if you will) and some accountability to actually write the damn thing already.

I'll make sure you don't look like a fool. Pinky swear!

Here's how I do it:

Your customized review includes that focuses on what you want from your sales page

A customized review that meets your needs and targets your biggest trouble spots. (Sorry, not sure I’m qualified to help with that pooch though. Although…I totally don’t see it, FWIW.) Hate your headline? Not sold on your CTA? It’s like extra lovin’ for where you’re strugglin’, McLovin’.

in-depth review of your sales page with specific solutions for your copy

An in-depth review of your email sequence, blog post, home page, sales page, about page, landing page…gimme your words, and I’ll give you specific (some might say gnat’s ass) solutions and changes that will improve your copy right now.


customized goodies and personalized recommendations so your sales page second look is tailored to you and your needs

A sweet narrated video so you get a clear explanation (trust me on this) WHY I’m pushing for what might seem like an off-the-wall suggestion and the impact it will have on your copy (plus…isn’t it always just nice to put a face to a name?!) and know exactly what to do

a quick 30-minutechat to discuss my recommendations for your sales page

A 30-minute chat to discuss the recommendations and to answer any lingering Qs you’ve got bouncing around in the ol’ noggin. Because there’s few things more aggravating than not knowing what you need to do next to keep moving forward.


$159 for the confidence to
finally hit “publish” 🎉


Here's what happens after you click that button.

  • Click that “Hell yeah! Let’s do this.” button.

  • Fill out the quick and easy form.

  • Keep your eyes peeled 👀 for a confirmation email from me.

  • Anxiously await your sales page review (within 48 hours).

  • Make the tweaks, finally hit publish, and change the world.


Hey, I’m Tracie!

I’m a chronic rewriter. A perfectionist. A just-one-more-edit editor. (You have no idea how long it took me to write this page.) I totally know how to write, but I constantly second guess myself. And I know I’m not the only one. I want to help you get past the “I can’t do this shit” fear. The “it’s not good enough” trap. Because you are awesome and what you do is awesome. We just need to clearly communicate that to your clients. Together, we’ll finally get your copy and your voice squared away so you can have total copy confidence. 


Got a question?

+ What if I hate it? Do you offer refunds?

I mean, I’m doubtful you’ll hate it because I’m totally invested in getting your sales page launched once and for all. And my suggestions aren’t law. Like, you won’t get struck by lightning if you don’t rephrase that one sentence. But if there’s something you’re not exactly ecstatic about, we can talk it out. I’m not too cool to offer you a refund if you really truly are dissatisfied.

+ How long does the process take? I need to get this page up like yesterday.

From the time you click “Hell yeah! Let’s do this” till you get your feedback, the turnaround time is 48 hours max. If there’s any extenuating circumstances (you know, vacay or weekends), I’ll let you know upfront.

+ Do you copy edit, too? My grammar is freakin’ awful and, well, autocorrect has embarrassed me more than once.

Well, shit, that was supposed to be a surprise... Look, errant commas and extra spaces make my never-satisifed grammar nazi (and my OCD) tremble with fury so, yeah, I totally finetooth comb your copy for ya.

+ What if I want more than one review?!?

Oh, smart, smart smart. This girl is smart! (That's from King of the Hill, just FYI.) If you already know you want more than one review, I got you, chou-chou. I offer monthly review packages and coaching, too, so book a time to chat here, and we'll nail down the deets.

+ I have another question that’s not listed here.

I got you! Shoot your Q over to tracie@okayokapi.com and I’ll get an A back to you ASAP.


$159 for the confidence
to finally hit “publish” 🎉



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