get a home page that works for you

without an ounce of ick or stress
(or writing a single word)


You think you might need some help (or maybe some more organic wine). You’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time staring at a blank screen with a million ideas swirling around in your head yet somehow still struggling to nail down your home page.

You feel like:

  • You’re missing some “secret” behind writing less words but still having super valuable content.

  • You’re a door-to-door salesman, using hyped up, gross, over-the-top copy that so doesn’t sound like YOU.

  • Every word is vague and says absolutely nothing.

  • If you just put one more shiny object right *here* …


You’ve got way too many ideas, way too little focus, and an overwhelming, throw-up-in-your-mouth kinda feeling that you don't know what the EFF you’re doing.

There’s so much advice on the interwebs about writing website copy, but it just feels overwhelming. And you’re so tired of all the marketing catch phrases, jargon, overused buzzwords, and pushy, in-your-face, make-’em-feel-like-shit-so-they-buy tactics floating everyone says you NEED to use. You’ve over the overinflated promises.

But writing copy feels like a massive, impossible project, and you’re worried that you’re going to miss the mark. You’ve never thought of writing as your *thing* – helping people is your thing. You’ve tried writing copy before but you just second guessed yourself like crazy, and you’re in that that comfy cozy place of analysis paralysis.

If you’re being honest?

  • You’ve got this weird mindset issue where writing your web copy just feels different (in a bad, pit-of-your-stomach, sweaty-armpits kind of way) than blog posts or emails.

  • You’re so afraid that what you DO write is going to suck and fail – maybe even be deemed THE WORST PIECE OF COPY EVER WRITTEN and go down in the annals of history – that you can’t even start writing.

  • You don’t even know what to put on your home page anyway. You don’t want it to be packed with stuff EVERYWHERE, but you have so much to say. AHHH! What to keep and what to delete?!?


It doesn't have to be overwhelming.

be strong.png

You can totally have a home page that sounds like you, that is ridiculously clear about WHAT you do and WHO you help, and that invites your clients in with a softer, gentler less “BUY-NOW-OR-YOU-DIE” approach.

And it doesn’t require you to load up your copy with the latest fad or the hack of the day, razzle dazzle ‘em with some fancy high-falutin’ language, throw all the shiny objects at it (OOOH! A sliding testimonial graphic here, a video right below this, a social proof pop-up, or a mention of every piece of content on your site...) or try to be who other people want you to be.


Introducing Home Page That Hooks, a totally customized, done-for-you home page copywriting service that will finally deliver a home page that’s sexy and specific and that sounds like you’re talking to your bestie even if you’re rocking a little inner control freak, you’re unclear on who you’re writing for, and you’re not sure what your style really is.


Here's what you get:

The Style and Substance questionnaire helps you understand who your home page is targeting and how to talk to them!

A Style and Substance Questionnaire so you finally understand who your home page is targeting and HOW you want to speak to your audience (information that can TOTALLY be used for the rest of your site!)

The Plotting the Page Strategy Session is our first step to make sure we're on the path to creating a home page that works for you!

A Plotting the Page Strategy Session so there is a clear direction and less confusion before the pen even hits the paper – and fewer revisions later

Your Copy Commentary is a personalized, narrated video that explains in depth what makes your new home page work.

A Copy Commentary so you’re confident that your copy is clear and compelling AND arms you with tricks to incorporate on other pages

When our work together is done, you'll have a home page that hooks and attracts your clients easily!

A Home Page That Hooks so you can attract your ideal client and have a home page that feels good


$397 for a home page that works FOR you –
not against you


Ready to do this thing?

1. Click on that little button down there to schedule your session and submit payment. (I'm gonna advise you schedule your call at least three days out – you'll need time to mull over the questionnaire.)

2. Within 24 hours, you’ll get a little (okay, big) love note from me with more info, including that questionnaire.

3. We’ll hop on the phone and hash out our strategy – swearing and awkward jokes practically guaranteed!

4. I’ll lovingly deliver your home page copy that hooks so you can start getting those dream clients in the door and on your wait list (‘cuz you’ll have one of those soon… )


Hey, I’m Tracie!

And I’m just like you. Seriously. My first home page was the hottest mess. It was confusing. It wasn’t completely clear. It was boring. It didn’t hook people. Hell, it didn’t even give them a reason to stick around. I beat my head against the wall wondering if it was my colors, my fonts, my layout...I was practically screaming, “WHAT SHOULD I DO?”

I don’t want you to have that experience. (And I’m sorry if you already have. Online business is tough, yo.) Together, we’ll write copy for your home page that doesn’t just add to the noise and the nonsense but that separates you from all the other health coaches, yogis, nutritionists, life coaches, and trainers out there. You’ll have a clear, compelling home page that says exactly what you do for your clients and hooks ‘em right in.


+ What if I hate it? Do you offer refunds?

I know I don’t have to tell you this, but copywriting is WORK. It’s a process with a lot of thought involved so it wouldn’t feel good for me to get all creative and then not get paid. I mean, no one likes to get ghosted on payment, right? That being said, there are rounds of revisions built in to my process so we shouldn’t arrive at a final product that you long as you speak up if we’re headed in the wrong direction.

+ How long does the process take? I’m freakin’ busy yo.

That all depends on you, my friend. You’ll want to give the questionnaire some serious thought because that’s primarily what my work will be based on. And you’ll definitely want to set aside time to participate in a couple calls (under 30 minutes each – promise!) and to review drafts and provide feedback. In my head, this is adding up to less than five hours of active time for you, but that’s totally up to you!

+ When will I get my home page?

Just to be clear here, what you’re getting is home page COPY. All the words that will go on the home page of your website. The product does not include a turnkey home page – there’s some backend work you’re gonna have to do. Now that we’ve cleared that up...I’d say allow at least two weeks for this process to unfold. This, of course, depends on my workload and our schedules syncing up, but we’ll agree on a timeline before we get rolling.

+ So...I don’t have to do any of the writing?

Nope! You’re gonna let me handle the writing. I’m a copywriter – that’s what I do. You’ll be reviewing drafts and making suggestions, but you won’t actually have to write anything. Huge sigh of relief, right?

+ I’ve worked with writers before. I felt like they didn’t “get” me.

Okay, I’ll answer this, even though it’s technically not a question. ;) And I hear ya. We tend to have high expectations when working with pros or experts, which makes it even more disappointing when they don’t deliver. We’ve all had THOSE kinds of experiences, and I don’t want this to be like that for you. I can’t guarantee I’ll get you, but I can tell you that I’m a certified health coach (so I’m at home in the health and wellness space), that I’ve been writing for a long time, and that I’ve got a degree in this. It’s kinda what I do. But I do have processes in place that will prevent us from getting to that OMG-this-is-not-what-I-expected-I-hate-it-I-hate-you stage. And I’m a nice person so...if at any time you feel like I’m not getting you or we’re not speaking the same language, all you gotta do is tell me, and we’ll make it right.

+ Do you do the website design, too?

Sorry, I’m not your gal here. While I dabble in website design and have designed a couple of my own sites, I am DEFINITELY not a pro and wouldn’t feel above board if I told you I’d handle this, too. We can talk about layout and a mockup that you can use or share with your designers (I can also recommend some, too, if you’ve had enough of the DIY) – just know there will be an extra charge for this.

+ What if I'm actually a pretty good writer?

Huzzah! You kick ass. Biggest of high fives to you, my friend. You might not need someone to write your copy for you. (Some good writers totally do, though, 'cuz they hate writing about themselves or they're just busy.) But maybe you could use a second set of eyes? Someone to give it another review? Check out the DIY option here.

+ I have another question that’s not listed here.

I’ve got an answer! Shoot your Q over to and I’ll get that A back to you ASAP.


(only five spots this month!)