Privacy Policy

Website, who dis?

Okay, Okapi is all about being better. And part of that? Means being better about maintaining your trust and confidence when you come to my lovely little website. I (note there’s no royal we going on here…it’s just me) want you to know that I will never sell, rent, or trade email lists with other companies or businesses (no matter how awesome they might be) for marketing purposes. I would NEVER do that. Pinky swear. Like, cross my heart and hope to die. But, just in case you don’t know, like, or trust me just yet, I’ve put together this Privacy Policy that’s got a lot of detail about how I collect your personal information, how I use it, the (very) limited conditions under which I might disclose it to others, and how I keep it safe and sound. Pull up a chair, grab some kombucha, and read on if you’re so inclined.

Types of data I collect

All right, here’s the type of info this website might be collecting and what it means for you.


Like most websites, this one uses cookies to collect information, like browsing and purchasing behavior. (A cookie, in this case, is nothing edible – sadly – but rather a small text file with info that a website transfers over to your computer’s hard drive to help me analyze site traffic patterns.) Cookies don’t give me access to your computer or to information above any beyond what you choose to share with me. 

Most web browsers default to accepting cookies (much like my default is to accept actual cookies), but you can change those settings if you want. Google away to find the easiest way to deny, deny, deny cookies. You can totally still browse around my site if you’ve disabled cookies, by the way. No punishment if your hand’s in the cookie jar.

Google Analytics

When you come to my corner of the web, I use a third-party service, the all-powerful Google Analytics, to collect pretty standard, run-of-the-mill internet log information and visitor behavior patterns. Why? To wrap my head around who’s visiting what parts of my site, the most popular content, how long you spend poring through the blog… This information is only processed in a way that NEVER EVER attempts to figure out who you are. I don’t make or allow Google to make any attempt to figure out who’s visiting my website. I don’t need to know your favorite color, what boy band you danced to in your bedroom in the 90s, and whether you’re Team Jacob or Team Edward. I mean, I’d LOVE to know, but only if you wanna share.

Mailing Lists

If I’m lucky enough to have you sign up for my handy dandy newsletter, you should know I do collect some personal information. Like when you signed up, where you signed up, and, of course, your email address. I do this for a few (very logical, totally legit) reasons: to keep you in the loop about stuff I’m pretty sure you’d like to know about, to get in touch if I need some additional info from you, to make sure my records are up-to-par, and to make sure you’re a happy camper. I would NEVER rent or trade email lists with other organizations or businesses.

I use ConvertKit, a third-party provider, to deliver my newsletter from here to your inbox. (And I’m so thankful to land there, by the way.) ConvertKit helps me understand what emails you’re opening and what you’re clicking on (both pretty standard practices, FYI) to help me keep tabs on and improve my newsletter. For more information, head on over to ConvertKit’s privacy policy.

Of utmost importance: You can totally unsubscribe to the newsletter any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email I’ve sent you or by emailing me directly at

Scheduling + Payment Processing

I use third-party scheduling software, Acuity Scheduling, to keep my calendar humming along. When you schedule an appointment with me through my calendar, some personal information is collected, like your name, email address, and phone number (so I can call you for our meeting, of course). Submitting your information through Acuity does not mean I’m just gonna go ahead and add you to my newsletter list nor does it mean I’m going to eagerly add to you to my contact list on my trusty iPhone. This information is only used for appointment purposes and is stored within Acuity. You can also submit payments through Acuity when scheduling an appointment. I never see your payment information, aside from that you ACTUALLY paid, which is important ‘cuz ain’t nothing for free. For more info on Acuity’s privacy policies, click on over here.

Payment Processing

From time to time, I may use PayPal and Stripe to process payments, too. Just like with Acuity, I don’t see any of your personal information – only that you paid, which makes me happy – nor do I just grab your email address and take that as permission to start emailing you all the time. Not a chance. If you wanna get more familiar with PayPal’s privacy policy, dive in over here. Oh, and here’s Stripe’s.

Other third-party software around these parts: Google Drive, including Docs, Sheets, Forms, and all that jazz. You can check out their privacy policies right here.

Links to Other Websites

Yeah, from time to time, I link to other websites, whether it’s some information that relates to what I’m talking about or a product or service I freakin’ love. I know you know this, but I have no control over those sites, only this one here. So that means I’m not responsible for what those sites do with your information. Best to check their privacy policies if you’ve got any concerns. But I totally wouldn’t lead you down a dark and narrow alley, I swear.

Children + Privacy

There’s no explicit content here (unless you count some crude language, which I guess does count now that I think about it), but children under 13 still need to get permission from their parents, guardians, or watchdogs to opt-in. But…this site is really geared toward grown-ups who run their own businesses so I’m not sure how many tweens are browsing around. No shade, just sayin’.

Access to Your Personal Information

Your personal data is yours – always and forever. You 1000% have the right to view, make changes to, or totally delete any personal information I have. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, just shoot me an email at and I’ll take care of it ASAP.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

This privacy policy changes from time to time, and I review it as needed to make sure I cover my ass. CYA except CMA, you know? This policy was last updated on October 3, 2019.