make your sales page stronger in 48 hours or less

WITHOUT feeling icky
or overthinking every word

Your clients love you.

You KNOW how to get them the results they want. You totally love your services. But you don’t LOVE selling your services and you HATE sales pages. 

You feel like:

  • You’re not communicating the values and benefits of your services clearly.
  • Your sales page is spammy, pushy, or not valuable enough.
  • You’re overthinking everything.
  • You spend way too much time constantly revising and questioning what you’re doing (so you never end up launching your thing).
  • You’re not following “the rules” and you’re going to look like a total idiot.
shh wine's hiding inside - it's the only way I can get inspired to write. All the great writers were drunks, right???

But - right now?

You’re surrounded by four bottles of wine (‘cuz being a little bit tipsy is the only way you can tackle such a HUGE project) and worrying that you’re missing the mark. Like, you’re doing something wrong, something is missing, and you’re not following some unspoken but somehow universally understood “rule.” You wholeheartedly believe in what you do, but you don’t want to be THAT pushy salesperson.

So you freeze.

You’ve got a lot of excuses why you’re not getting that sales page up. You’ve got too many ideas. You lack focus. The package doesn’t make sense. The whole thing just feels weak. Probably best to redo your copy for the nineteenth time. 


You don’t have to stay stuck.

You CAN wrap that sales copy up with a pretty bow, feel confident that you’re positioning yourself as an expert (and not looking like a buffoon or a used-car salesman), and have a sales page that actually does justice to your amazing services.

And it doesn’t require you to surround yourself with boxed wine (you know, to keep the “ideas” flowing), spend a fortune hiring people who don’t understand the wellness industry, or trolling Facebook groups looking for feedback you’re not even sure you can trust.

Introducing: your Sales Page Second Look

Make your sales page stronger in 48 hours or less even if copywriting isn’t exactly your strong suit, you’ve tweaked your copy about 47 times before, and you feel like you have no idea what the f*ck you’re doing.


You’ll get my Sales Page Second Look service so that you get the feedback you need to stop second guessing your copy (like, does that sentence even make sense?!? Are those benefits even benefits?!?) and have one less excuse to keep your glorious services to yourself.

I'll make sure you don't look like a fool. Pinky swear!

Your customized review includes that focuses on what you want from your sales page

A customized review that meets your needs. Zero in on who you’re trying to reach, what you love about your sales page, what you hate about it, and where you’re struggling. 

in-depth review of your sales page with specific solutions for your copy

An in-depth review of your sales page, including its current tone, flow, and message. Get specific solutions and changes that will improve your copy right now.


customized goodies and personalized recommendations so your sales page second look is tailored to you and your needs

Customized goodies (including your reviewed copy, a sweet narrated video, and personalized recommendations) so you know exactly what to do.

a quick 30-minutechat to discuss my recommendations for your sales page

A 30-minute chat to discuss your recommendations and to answer any questions you’ve got.


$99 for a one-time review

(that's $30 off the normal price for a limited time)


Here's what happens after you click that button.

Although...what are you doing still reading???

  • Click that “Hell yeah! Let’s do this.” button.
  • Fill out the quick and easy form.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for a confirmation email from me.
  • Anxiously await your sales page review (within 48 hours).
  • Make the tweaks, launch your sales page, and change the world.

Hey, I'm Tracie!

I’m a chronic rewriter. A perfectionist. A just-one-more-edit editor. (You have no idea how long it took me to write this page.) I totally know how to write, but I constantly second guess myself. And I know I’m not the only one. I want to help you get past the “I can’t do this shit” fear. The “it’s not good enough” trap. Because you are awesome and what you do is awesome. We just need to clearly communicate that to your clients. Together, we’ll finally get your sales page squared away so you can launch your service or program confidently. 


Got a question?

+ What if I hate it? Do you offer refunds?

I mean, I’m doubtful you’ll hate it because I’m totally invested in getting your sales page launched once and for all. And my suggestions aren’t law. Like, you won’t get struck by lightning if you don’t rephrase that one sentence. But if there’s something you’re not exactly ecstatic about, we can talk it out. I’m not too cool to offer you a refund if you really truly are dissatisfied.

+ How long does the process take? I need to get this page up like yesterday.

From the time you click “Hell yeah! Let’s do this” till you get your feedback, the turnaround time is 48 hours max. If there’s any extenuating circumstances (you know, vacay or weekends), I’ll let you know upfront.

+ Do you copy edit, too? My grammar is freakin’ awful and, well, autocorrect has embarrassed me more than once.

This is sort of an add-on service because I’m kind of an eagle eye and I fine-tooth comb stuff. If this is something you’re interested in, drop me a note, and we’ll work out a deal. Wink, wink.

+ What if I want more than one review?!?

Oh, smart, smart smart. This girl is smart! (That's from King of the Hill, just FYI.) If you already know you want more than one review, I got you, chou-chou. Book a time to chat here, and we'll nail down the deets.

+ I have another question that’s not listed here.

I got you! Shoot your Q over to and I’ll get an A back to you ASAP.


$99 for a one-time review