for the love of bananas and peanut butter, stop wasting time agonizing over boring emails!

10 templates for when you want to send an email that doesn’t make you sound like a pushover but still has personality and doesn’t take you all day to write


You ever sit down to write an email but spent all the hours in the day (plus a few more the next day) analyzing every word, wondering what to say, how to say it, when to send it, what to put as the dreaded subject? 

Or worse…procrastinated and dragged so much ass sending that email until it was too late and the intended recipient thought you probably died before you could respond?


yep, you need to download this


In Templates with Personality, you’ll get word-for-word email scripts you can send when you want to:

  • Follow up with a hot cocoa of lead but don’t want to be all perfume salesperson, spritzing your desperation all over everyone within a 15-foot radius (#EaudeDesperation)

  • Stay top o’ mind with your fave past clients and shake ‘em down for more work (I kid, I kid…or do I?)

  • Just. Get. Paid. Dammit. You don’t work for free, amirite?

  • Enjoy some time away from that rickety table you refer to as your office without calling a penalty for excessive non-emergency-emergency emails

  • Tell a prospect “It’s not you, it’s me,” join the montage of romantic comedy break-ups employing that classic lie, and never ever speak to them again.


(what if that’s someone’s ACTUAL email address?! 😲