frequently asked questions

+ What the hell is an okapi? And how the hell do you even pronounce that?

Okapi (oh-cop-ee): Only one of the coolest animals EVER. Aside from hippos and bunnies, of course. It's like a cross between a giraffe and a zebra. And an animal totally cool with being its badass self, ass stripes and all.

+ Okay. So why did you name your business after it?

Because Unique Unicorn Topped with Sprinkles and Fairy Dust was too long. And Unf*ckwithable Boss was taken. Seriously (or as serious as I can get when discussing an okapi and how it inspired my business), I saw an okapi chilling at Animal Kingdom one day, looking all cool and calm. Before that, I'd been slightly obsessed with hybrid animals – like zonkeys and zebroids and...this just in, wholphins and grolar bears. And my love spiraled out of control. I thought about how subtly irreverent and totally comfy cozy being unique these okapis were. Which dovetailed nicely in to my whole mission to get people to be cool being them and finding their own unique voice. Plus, my word nerd could not help the word play...copy...okapi...better than okay see?

+ Why should I listen to you?

Do you want my credentials or an answer that actually means something?

+ What's your spirit animal?

According to a BuzzFeed quiz, my spirit animal is a snake. I'm not really a huge fan of snakes and there's lot of other animals I relate to way more. Like, bunnies are cute, fluffy, and badass. And okapis, of course, because – how can you not be awesome when you're rocking stripes???

+ What inspires you?

Interesting question...I can totally make something up if you want me to. But I'm going to answer this question with a question – what inspires you???

+ Why am I here?

Whoa. Existential. Is it fate? Part of a divine plan? You crave a side of f-bombs with your heaping dose of creativity? You're a struggling entrepreneur tired of the status quo? Your choice, my friend.

+ If you could give me one piece of advice, what would you say?

Forget everything you know. And if that's scary, take a good, long look at where what you know has gotten you. Now that's the stuff of nightmares.