So over slaving away in the copy kitchen...

only to have your copy fall flatter than a soufflé?


Here’s the situation: Words matter. Plain and simple. (Word.) Anyone who tells you otherwise just poured you a tall glass of BS.

But you’re getting in your own way. Spending every last second trying to figure out what content you need and even more of your time (that could totally be spent with clients) changing it again and again. Oh…and again. Website tweaking will almost surely be the death of you. 

Or you absolutely hate sales pages. Even though you love selling your services. You’re not communicating the results and, well, your copy feels kinda sorta weak sauce. (Definitely not hot sauce.) You know you need a major upgrade.

Maybe you’d rather clean the toilet than sit down and write a blog post. If you never had to blog again, you’d be freakin’ ecstatic. But…you’re pretty sure not having content out there working for you is bad for business.

You’re ready to do a whole hell of a lot better. And I’m ready to help.

When we work together, you’ll get your very own copy chef. I’m like Gordon Ramsey – I don’t let it outta the kitchen till it’s absolutely perfect. (What is this…this rando comma?!) I also happen to be a health coach.

Read: I get the coaching industry. I get your clients. I get the concerns. And I’ve got the words your clients need to hear. And the words that sell like hotcakes.


What makes me worthy of the title Top Copy Chef?

(Totally just bestowed that title upon myself. I will NEVER pack my knives and go home.)

  • A wicked sense of humor so your copy’s ALWAYS full of personality and the right amount of spice

  • Snazzy and clean copy that makes you look professional AND playful (magic! 🙌🏻)

  • A fresh perspective so your copy is 1000% you and unlike anyone else’s, which is kinda code for I’m gonna call you on your bullshit and all that coach speak and jargon-y jargon

You ready to turn up the heat on your copy?

I can edit your copy for you! Recipe Tasting is Okay, Copy's customized copy editing service.

Recipe Tasting

You’ve got all the ingredients, but you need someone to tell you if it’s delicious. Pretty please.

You could use a second opinion on your copy! Recipe Testing is for you if you want some writing and editing advice to keep you focused.

Recipe Testing

You’ve got some half-baked ideas that could use another opinion (and a pinch of personality).

You want someone to write your copy for you! Recipe Development from Okay, Okapi is a retainer service where I do all the work for you!

Recipe Development

You’re tired of being in the copy kitchen and want someone to cook up something good. Just for you.

You want a copywriter you can rely on anytime! With Recipe Retainer, you get me every month - without fail!

Recipe Retainer

You’re really busy, and you’re ready to hang up your apron and outsource alllll things copy. 

Recipe Tasting

You’ve got words. Lots of ‘em. Only problem? You’re not sure they’re the right words. Or if there’s too many of ‘em. And you’re spending way too much time obsessing and tweaking and analyzing. These words are looming over you and becoming an overbearing force. You’re ready for someone to step in and take control.  

Here’s what you’re gonna do:

  • Send me that questionable copy.

  • I’ll whip out my trusty red pen and comb through every last word to make it shine.

  • No more typos, no more iffy words, no more second guessing — just clean, clear, compelling copy.

The availability of this offer, Recipe Tasting, is year round


Pricing for this offer, Recipe Tasting, starts at $700


Wanna sink your teeth into this?

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Recipe Testing

Got some words on the page but can’t honestly say they even make sense to you? You’re not sure your copy is saying what you’re trying to say. Or maybe you just feel like something’s missing (sea salt, maybe?). You’d really like a second opinion and some constructive feedback. Not just, “Looks great!”

Here’s what you’re gonna do:

  • Send me that questionable copy.

  • I’ll make myself a nice glass of tea and get real cozy with it. Like, snuggle-up-under-my-blanket-and-read-it-10-times cozy.

  • I’ll dive deep into what’s working, what’s not working, what’s confusing, what’s too jargon-y and report back so you know exactly how to bring that copy back to life.

The availability for this offer, Recipe Testing, is year round!


The investment for this offer, Recipe Testing, starts at $500.


Wanna sink your teeth into this?

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Recipe Development

Writing stresses you out. You feel like you’re trying to talk through a paper bag. You want to write your website, a new sales page, your about page, a new opt-in offer, or maybe a month’s worth of blog posts buuuuut you’re feeling all kinds of stuck and overwhelmed. You don’t know where to start or what to say.

Here’s what you’re gonna do:

  • Step aside and let me handle this.

  • You’ll be like my sous chef, serving up the supplies and acting as the link between me and your customers.

  • Together, we’ll cook up something that’ll be sure to get you rave reviews. 

Regardless of what we’re working on, here’s the steps we’ll always take:

Discover what you need help with most during this jam session

Discover: First, we’ll have a jam session (which may or may not involve actual jam — I like strawberry, by the way) so I can better understand what you need help with. We’ll gather some info, some intel, and some inspiration and then…


This is the phase where I write what you need me to write.

Draft: This is where I dig deep, muster up all my creative energy, and write your thing. You bet your ass it’ll be juicy.



This is the revision phase where we make sure everything reads well.

Debug: In this phase, we’re tweaking, we’re revising, we’re rewording. All the super hard work is done — now, we’re just making that copy shine even more. We’ll work together to review the drafts and make some final adjustments.

Availability is on a first-come-first served basis for the Recipe Development service

AVAILABILITY: SEASONAL – because cooking up something delish takes some time, I am only able to accept a limited number of these gigs each month.

Investment starts at $1500 depending on the scope of the project for the Recipe Development offer





Wanna sink your teeth into this?

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Recipe Retainer

Picture this: You’ve just wrapped up what you think is a pretty stellar first draft of a landing page. You’d like a second look so you send up the Bat Signal. Me and my red pen come running. Or maybe you want to create content consistently, but you’re booked solid. You barely have enough time to serve all your clients let alone write a weekly blog post and keep your website up-to-date. Enter moi. I’m on your speed dial.

Here’s what you’re gonna do:

  • Take several steps to the right and let me take center stage.

  • Think of all the things you do on a regular basis (blog posts, social media posts, etc. etc.) that you’d like to not do anymore.

  • And send ‘em my way. You’ll be a VIP client with guaranteed access to me every single week.

Availability for the Recipe Retainer is on a first-come first-served basis

AVAILABILITY: SEASONAL - Because being your personal chef takes some time, I am only able to accept a limited number of these gigs.


Investmentstarts at $1500 depending on the length of the contract for the Recipe Retainer service

3-month retainer: $2500 per month
6 month retainer: $2000 per month
12 month retainer: $1500 per month

Wanna sink your teeth into this?

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