work with me


Want to know the number one problem my clients tell me about?

Writing stresses them out.

Yeah. That situation right there? It totally sucks.

If that’s how you feel, too, I’ve got some happy news…I made something for you!

(Well…three things.)

They’re super-fun ways to work with me that will help you take the worry out of writing.

People who have worked with me have told me “I’m the best thing to happen to them since sliced bread” (seriously) and reported results like finally launching their sales page and getting tons of compliments on their copy.

Ready for your turn?

You think you've got a killer sales page, but you're not getting feedback. The Sales Page Second Look offer is perfect if you want some advice on how to make your sales page make more sales!

So…you think you’ve got a killer sales page. You reach out to some of your business besties for feedback. They reassure you: It’s great! It’s perfect! Well done! But you were hoping for something more. Enter me.

Is your home page working for you? Or is it DOA? Hire me to write your home page so you can attract and retain more ideal clients on your site!

Feel like your home page isn't really working for you? Maybe you're not getting very many opt-ins and you're worried the text isn't clear or the layout is confusing. Let's get you a home page that hooks 'em.

Ready to get better at writing? Let's get down to business. Okay, Okapi offers several retainer options, which are a great way to have a copywriter in your back pocket!

You’re ready to do a whole hell of a lot better. Now you just need to know where to start. Maybe you’ve got a sales page that looks like it’s overrun by commas. An opt-in that’s 12 pages too long. Let’s get down to business.

I can’t wait to hear your epic success story!