write your damn website!

Easy-to-follow copywriting guides to help you whip up some words for your about page, landing page, and work with me page that build your unmistakably “you” brand, establish oodles of trust with your audience, and bump up your bookings…



“I’ve been trying to write my website since I launched. All I’m doing is driving myself crazy trying to make sense of what pages I need. And then there’s the problem of what goes ON those pages. What am I supposed to say? What am I not supposed to say? Arghhh!”

“My web designer has been breathing down my neck, asking me for my copy, but I’ve got nothing. NOTHING! I’m in a freakin’ frenzy over here!”

“Confession: I haven’t updated my website copy since I opened my doors. I literally cringe (and take a quick shot of tequila to numb the pain) at some of the stuff I wrote back then. I’m ready to uplevel my business, and I know my copy needs a boost. I just don’t KNOW what separates this shitty copy I’ve got from copy that’s gonna make me and my business look expert AF.”

“I just want my website to sound like I’m talking to my people – more like ME. It’s just so damn hard.”

“I don’t want my website to be boring. But I also don’t want it to be all “HIII. BUY FROM ME.” I want people to get to know me and totally get what I’m doing.”

“Coming up with attention-grabbing headlines and calls-to-action that make people actually want to take action feels impossible.”

“Umm, my website currently consists of one page…”

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Anything ring true for you?


Oy. 🤦‍♀️ Then you probably need to download these nifty guides to help you write your damn website in a way that feels good to you, positions you as the legit expert you are, and becomes your sparkly home on the interwebs that acts as your business-building wingman 24-friggin’-7.

 Write Your Damn Website will show you how to:

  • Get clear on exactly what you need – before you write a single word

  • Introduce yourself and your business, even if you don’t want to say “coach,” “consultant,” or “sherpa”

  • Put testimonials on your about page cleverly so you don’t look like a back-patting asshat

  • Connect with people on your about page without oversharing or coming across too “We’re in this together!”

  • Make your copy feel like you’re having a conversation with your reader, instead of talking AT them

  • Talk about what you do and how you can help – without screaming “GET THIS OR DIE!”

  • Write a really strong headline that you don’t hate…and when in the process you should even attempt it

  • And, well, MOOORE!

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I want to walk you through writing website copy that's you AND that's sooo relatable it'll attract your dream clients...over and over again.


That acts as a giant billboard (you decide if you want your smiling face plastered all over it) and a virtual calling card.

That positions you as an expert who knows their shit.

That looks and sounds professional – while still showing off your crazy awesome personality. 

 This DIY kit is gonna give you the structure and format you need – whether you’re starting from scratch or need a refresh.

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Get ready for more inquiries, more subscribers, more opportunities ‘cuz you’re about to get instant access to 3 insanely fun and super simple copywriting prompts and templates, plus a veritable whack ton of questions to guide you as you bang out your copy.


Don't say I didn't warn you: You're gonna finally write your damn website!